Camp Half Moon in the Berkshire Mountains since 1922, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Feeling Like You're Part of a Team at Summer Camp in MA

For your child to have a happy summer camp experience, it's important that the camp they attend ensure they feel like they are part of the team. Here at Camp Half Moon in MA, our counselors know the importance of being a role model to your child and how to encourage them to feel included and important. Campers here at Camp Half Moon are given special attention. We make it our business to find out what your child's interests are and how they can be their best. We help them build confidence, make friends and to know that they are not only a part, but an important part.

Camp Halfmoon, a summer camp located in Berkshire County, MA in Western Massachusetts offers traditional sleepover camp as well as a day camp program for children ages 3-15. We encourage and respect the individuality of every one of our campers. Recognizing individual achievements in the presence of peers is the best way we know of to build and nurture a child’s self image while helping them feel a part of camp life.

Camp Halfmoon is scheduling tours throughout the year. To schedule a tour at Camp Halfmoon if your live in or near Great Barrington, MA contact us at (888) 528-0940 or (413) 528-0940.