Camp Half Moon in the Berkshire Mountains since 1922, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Outdoor Exercise and Summer Camp in Massachusetts

Now that spring has arrived, the days are counting down until your child's stay at Camp Halfmoon summer camp in Massachusetts begins! But don't wait until then to think about getting into shape and building a strong and healthy body. The Center of Disease Control and Prevention suggests physical activity for an hour a day for kids 6-17. It's time to go outside and get some of that fresh air and exercise! Pry the children off the couch and away from the phones, tablets, computers and TV's! Join the fun and bond with your kids by taking walks or riding bikes together. Practicing a particular sport, doing yardwork together or just playing catch, safely and in moderation are fairly painless ways to have fun. All that exercise is great for your body, mind and heart. It's also time well spent with your children. 

Other ideas? You can create adventures in your yard, nearby parks or towns navigating or exploring things you've never taken notice of before. There are local maps or books on birds, other wildlife or history to investigate for added fun. 

Be an example and get them excited about being outdoors. Most likely, they will need your inspiration to go out and play. That's what the counselors at Camp Halfmoon summer camp in Massachusetts are trained to do, but you can reap the rewards by prepping your kids and getting them excited for the summer. If you need any more ideas, take a look at some of our outdoor activities and see if there is one your child would especially like to focus on.

Make it a priority to set some time aside in your busy week - so you can be active with your children outdoors! As the days get longer take advantage of the sunshine and the benefits that come with spending the time exercising and having great fun with your children!