Camp Half Moon in the Berkshire Mountains since 1922, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Summer Camp Friends For Life - Massachusetts

For many adults, best friends are friends made at college, high school and...summer camp! The summer camp experience is often one of the best things that happens in a child's life. Why? Because it gives them the unique opportunity to compete or rally together with lots of kids their age for a common goal. This could be to win, to learn, but mostly, and for every kid, to have fun and make friends! At a day camp, or especially an overnight summer camp kids have a chance to bond, sharing experiences side by side, day by day, with other kids. Unlike an otherwise isolated summer with the occasional meet ups, there is really no other experience a child will have that can compare to a summer spent at camp and the friends they make there. Without summer camp, a child may never get the experience of being with their peers day and night, ever again in their life! It can transform a shy child into a confident one, and usually does. Often, it is the first time of having to answer for themselves and break the everyday routine they have at home. Fond memories are created at a summer camp and cherished for a lifetime.  

Camp Half Moon in Massachusetts recognizes this unique opportunity for all of these children, and how valuable it is for them to get the most out of their summer here. At Camp Half Moon, children are given a structure that grounds them and gives them the confidence to explore and to grow. We have designed programs to encourage and support them. Feel free to find out more about our camp and contact us at (413) 528-0940. But most importantly, don't let your child miss the opportunity to make friends for life. Send them to camp. And to one that fits their needs the best. The right camp can help them flourish and make those summer camp friends for life!