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Is My Child Too Young For Sleepaway Camp in Massachusetts?

You probably wanted a yes or no answer, right? Unfortunately, no one besides yourself and child together can make this decision. Here at Camp Half Moon in Massachusetts, campers can begin as young as six years old. While this may seem young, many children are able to successful attend sleepaway camp at this age. But how do you know if your child is ready for this chapter? Here are a few things to consider when it comes to deciding if your child is ready to attend sleepaway camp in Massachusetts or not.

First, do you believe that your son or daughter is emotionally ready to spend a couple of weeks away from you? If your child has successfully attended multiple sleepovers and didn’t feel homesick or scared, that is a good sign your child is ready for a summer at sleep away camp in Massachusetts. Sleeping in a bed other than their own in a new sleepaway camp environment can be a scary experience, but some kids have no trouble adjusting to this lifestyle quickly.

Second, is your child excited or afraid to leave home? Yes, this is an obvious sign as to whether or not your child is too young. However, almost every camper may feel a little anxious leading up to drop off day at sleepaway camp, its normal. But if your son or daughter is expressing a fear of going away or leaving home, wait a little longer before sending him or her to sleep away camp. If your child is excited, let them go! Yes, YOU might be a little scared to let them go, but if that’s all they’re talking about for weeks on end, let them try out our sleepaway camp in Massachusetts!

Lastly, talk to the directors and staff at the sleepaway camp. See how they handle campers that are the same age as your son or daughter. How do they handle homesickness at sleepaway camp? How often can you visit or talk to your child? What sleepaway camp activities do they have set up for your child that you can tell them about to get them excited? Always voice your concerns to the director and staff to hear their opinions and tips.

When it comes to sending your son or daughter away for camp, listen to what they think about sleepaway camp first. There is no way to tell if your child is too young to send to overnight camp in Massachusetts but hopefully these tips can help make your decision.

If you are interested in a summer sleepaway camp for your son or daughter in Massachusetts, contact Camp Half Moon at (888) 528-0940 or (413) 528-0940 for more information or to schedule a tour!