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Is Your Child Ready for Summer Camp near Connecticut?

How do you know if your son or daughter is ready to attend summer camp? There are a lot of things that as a parent, you should consider when trying to decide if your child is ready for summer camp near Connecticut. Camp Half Moon has come up with a few factors to decide if your son or daughter is ready this summer!

  1. Has your child expressed an interest in summer camp? Was going to summer camp your idea or your child’s? If your child brought up going to summer camp, this is a sign that he or she might be ready. Children that like the idea of going to summer camp will adjust to easily. They will likely jump into a typical day at summer camp without worry or apprehension.
  2. Has your child attended any sleepovers? At summer camp, your child will be spending a few weeks away from home and the comfort of his or her own bed. If your child has never attended a sleepover or doesn’t enjoy sleepovers, summer camp may not be the best option yet. If your child hasn’t gone to a sleepover and you’re considering summer camp, do a practice weekend away from home that will help to prepare for summer camp. This is a great way to see if your son or daughter will be comfortable sleeping away from home and instead in a summer camp cabin.
  3. How is your child’s behavior? This is an obvious factor but if your child doesn’t behave well with others, he or she may not be ready for summer camp yet. Children will be participating in a variety of summer camp activities, which require children to work together and behave in a safe and friendly manner.
  4. How does your child act at school? Just like school, summer camp is the perfect learning experience. Children will learn to act as a team, accept others, try new activities, and gain new skills. If your child has trouble listening to his or her teachers, the situation may be similar with the summer camp staff. Our counselors are great and trained for almost any situation, but cooperation from campers is key in creating a safe and fun environment.

If you think your son or daughter is ready to attend the best summer camp near Connecticut, contact Camp Half Moon at (413)-528-0940 for more information or to schedule a tour today!