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Homesick at Summer Camp near Vermont

Let’s be honest, the only drawback for children attending summer camp is feeling homesick. Missing home and their family is completely normal for children who go away to summer camp near Vermont. At Camp Half Moon, we have been dealing with homesick campers for decades now and want to help.  While there is no way for children to avoid feeling homesick, but there are some things that you and your camper can do to feel better!

Instilling confidence in your child is one way to avoid feelings of homesickness. Campers often fear getting lost trying to find the different summer camp facilities or being alone at summer camp. Talk to them about all of the fun they will have at summer camp and focus on the positive aspects. Rather than asking what they are afraid of at summer camp, ask what they are excited for. If your child is concerned about something, talk it through and try to improve the situation. For example, if your son or daughter is unsure about some summer camp activities that are offered, try them out at home before they leave. This will instill confidence and defuse an unnecessary stressor. Summer camp is a fun and exciting time for children; it shouldn’t be scary or nerve-wracking! Practice instills confidence and will make children feel more confident about their abilities. The best way to stay in contact at summer camp is through letters/emails. When writing to your child, ask them questions that initiate a response. Ask about new friends they have made, what a typical day at summer camp is like, anything fun that they have done, and how they like living in the summer camp cabins. When you ask them questions, it gives them a chance to reflect and think about all of the cool things they are doing. If you receive a letter where children are feeling homesick and missing home, don’t be alarmed. Most children will go through some period where they miss home and don’t want to be at camp. This will likely pass within a few days and they will begin to have fun again. If you are concerned, feel free to contact any of our summer camp staff, that’s what they’re here for!

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