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Sending Care Packages to Summer Camp near New Hampshire

Here at Camp Half Moon, we are a few weeks into summer camp, which makes this the perfect opportunity to send your son or daughter a care package! At our summer camp near New Hampshire, our campers love receiving letters and packages from back home. As soon as they receive it, a huge smile appears on their face and they run back to their cabin to tear it open to see what you sent them! But what should you send or write to them? There are so many options! Here at Camp Half Moon, we have come up with a few tips on what your campers can and want to receive, keep on reading to learn more! 

  1. First of all, find out if the summer camp has any rules on what you can and cannot send. And always include a return address on the package. Most camps won’t allow any unmarked packages on to the campgrounds.
  2. Remember back to when you were packing for summer camp, your son or daughter already has a ton of things with them. Therefore, don’t send them a lot of things, something small will suffice and make them happy!
  3. When writing to your son or daughter, ask a lot of questions! These questions initiate your child to elaborate on their summer camp experience. Ask what they do on a typical day at summer camp. What are their favorite parts of the day? See what summer camp activities they have tried and if they’re interested in continuing them once they come home. 
  4. If you didn’t originally send your son or daughter to summer camp with stationary and stamps, or they’re running low, include that in the care package! Writing letters is the easiest and best way to stay in contact while your child is at summer camp.
  5. While campers are constantly active at summer camp and busy, there is a little down time. Send your child a small game or activity for them to do during their rest time. Maybe a journal, deck of cards, puzzle book, etc. All of these will keep your camper occupied during their rest time.
  6. Remember, the smaller and more useful the item, the better. Send something that you know your camper needs and will appreciate. Photographs are the perfect things to include in care packages. The summer camp cabins don’t always feel like home to children. By including some family photos or pictures of the family pet, this gives children something to decorate their living space with. It also reduces the feelings of homesickness at summer camp that almost every camper will experience at some point or another! 

Most importantly, remember that your son or daughter will appreciate and love whatever you send or write to them! If you’re interested in having your child attend the best summer camp near New Hampshire, send them to Camp Half Moon! Call us at (413)-528-0940 for more information or to schedule a tour today!