Camp Half Moon in the Berkshire Mountains since 1922, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Reasons to Pick a Summer Camp near Connecticut

Here at Camp Half Moon, we like to think that it is never too early to look for a summer camp for next summer! The earlier that you choose a summer camp, the less stressful and likely less expensive the tuition will be! Our summer camp near Connecticut is always ready for new campers to join and to give them the best summer of their life! Keep on reading to see some reasons why to pick a summer camp near Connecticut, like us!

  • Sense of Community- At Camp Half Moon, we our extremely proud of the safe and supportive community that we have created. Over the years, we have worked hard to give everyone the best experience possible at summer camp. Campers know to accept and encourage each other, which creates a sense of community for our campers and summer camp staff.  
  • Independence- From the second that your son or daughter is dropped off at Camp Half Moon they become independent. Children learn how to live by themselves and in a new setting, which is a great way to prepare for the future. Besides independence, children learn a lot more life lessons at summer camp every day. 
  • Learn New Things- Every single day is different at Camp Half Moon. There are a ton of different summer camp activities for campers to choose from. Whether they have tried them in the past or this is the first time, everyone is welcome to choose from our activities and do something they love.
  • Disconnect- These days it is almost impossible to not be surrounded by technology. But summer camp gives children the perfect opportunity to disconnect from their cell phones, computers, and video games and discover the world around them. There is plenty of time to explore our summer camp facilities and the rest of Camp Half Moon this summer! 

Camp Half Moon is the best summer camp near Connecticut for your son or daughter this summer. To learn more information or to set up a tour, contact us at (413)-528-0940!