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Why You Need to Visit a Summer Camp Before Signing Up

When it comes time for your son or daughter to go college, would you send them away to a school that they never visited or toured? Probably not, and the same goes for choosing a summer camp! One of our top tips that we give prospective parents here at Camp Half Moon is to never sign up for a camp before you take a tour of it. While looking at the camp online is a great opportunity to get a feel for the campgrounds, you and your child will never know if it is the right fit until you physically take a tour. Keep on reading to hear what our summer camp near Connecticut thinks you should look for when visiting prospective summer camps!

  1. Atmosphere- As soon as you and your child step out of the car and into the camp, how does it feel? Can you picture your child spending their summer their and having an amazing time? More importantly, how does your child feel about the summer camp? While the atmosphere isn’t necessarily something you can look for, see how you feel as you walk around the grounds. 
  2. Facilities- The best summer camps are the ones that are always growing and improving. Explore all of the summer camp facilities and all of the amazing things that the camp has to offer. The easiest way to guarantee that your child will love camp is by making sure that it offers summer camp activities that your child is interested in. Ask your child what they want to do at camp, and while on the tour, check out the field, building, court, etc. that holds that activity.
  3. People- If you get the opportunity, try and visit the camp while it’s still in session for the summer. You will probably have to start your camp hunting early, but to get a feel for how the camp runs, we recommend visiting it during the summer. See how the children interact with each other. Can your son or daughter envision himself or herself working and playing with these campers? Or do they feel as though it is too competitive or uncomfortable for their taste. Also try to meet with the summer camp staff and counselors. Ask them any questions that you or your children may have, they are here to help! 

Now, don’t judge a camp by it’s website, go and visit it! If you’re interested in sending your son or daughter to the best summer camp near Connecticut, then sign up for Camp Half Moon today! But before you sign up, make sure to give us a call at (413)-528-0940 to schedule a tour of the campgrounds and get more information!