Camp Half Moon in the Berkshire Mountains since 1922, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Overnight Camp near New Hampshire

Are you already planning for your child to go to sleep away camp this summer? Are you looking for the perfect overnight camp near New Hampshire for next June or July? Camp Half Moon is definitely a place you should look into then! By making the decision to send your son or daughter to our overnight camp near New Hampshire, you gave them hopefully the best summer of their life. Campers make tons of new friends, learn new skills, and will have a ton of stories to tell you once you pick them up! With that being said, we thought this would be the perfect time to give you a quick recap of what your son or daughter will be doing this summer at Camp Half Moon!

Every week, campers get to choose what sleep-away camp activities they would like to try out. We offer a wide range of athletic, arts, and enrichment activities. There are the basic sports like soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and volleyball. Then art programs like ceramics, crafts, dance, and drama. And tons of other options including BMX biking, cheerleading, ropes challenge courses, nature, waterskiing, camping, hiking, martial arts, and more! Campers get to try out a different activity every week and many of them may find something that they can’t wait to continue once they get home! With the help of our amazing sleepaway camp staff, our campers learn a ton of new skills and tricks to help them practice and improve every single day. One of the best parts about our summer camp is how many friends your child will make this summer! In case you didn’t know, the friends that you make at sleep-away camp are the best friends. Let’s not forget, these friends are just one of the many benefits of going to sleepaway camp. We have already heard some past campers who made plans to reunite during the school year before they are officially back together this upcoming summer! Sign up your son or daughter NOW, to ensure that they have the BEST SUMMER EVER at Camp Half Moon. 


If you’re interested in sending your son or daughter to the best sleep-away camp near New Hampshirecontact Camp Half Moon! Call us at (413)-528-0940 for more information or to schedule a tour today!