Camp Half Moon in the Berkshire Mountains since 1922, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Countdown Activities Until Summer Camp Fun in Masschusetts Begins!

Summer Camp Fun in Massachusetts is right around the corner! In reality, there are just a few more months until we welcome you back to Camp Half Moon. Summer Camp 2013 is going to be filled with  excitement and adventure shared with your closest friends. To get you pumped up and ready to return for a summer of fun, we have created a list of camp activities that you can do at home!

Have a get together with some of your friends and do activities that we offer here at camp.  For example, try watching a movie that we frequently see, take one of your favorite camp sports indoors, or put a new twist on an evening activity! Getting in to the habit of camp activities ahead of time will give you just a little taste of the summer to come.

You can also get in touch with your creative side. Get an old magazine and cut out letters and pictures that describe you and your friends from camp. Make sure to find words like “camp, fun, hot, friends, great”. Once you have done this you can create a collage of your pictures and words, you can hang it up in your room. Every time you look at it, the poster will remind of all the fun to come when you come back this summer!

Reignite your excitement for camp by engaging in these exciting, at home activities, alone or with your best camp friends! Now that the summer is creeping around the corner, make your anticipation greater than ever with crafts and communication with your camp friends! Your Camp Half Moon family can’t wait to see you!