Camp Half Moon in the Berkshire Mountains since 1922, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Overnight Camp in Berkshires

Looking for a summer day camp in the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts, to break away from the school year routine? Staying home in the same environment around the same friends at school limits children to building new friendships. So what better way to break out of that routine than attend Camp Half Moon!

With both options to attend day camp or sleep away camp, children between the ages of 3 and 16 can experience and enjoy the many activities that are not all available to he or she at home. At day camp, young campers have a planned day filled with activities with a change in schedule, and the older campers are able to explore their hobbies on their own by creating a schedule that works best for them. With a sleep away camp that provides a new environment and endless fun, campers can appreciate all that mother nature has to offer while making new friendships and a lifetime of memories.

Here at Half Moon, our goal is to provide a fun experience filled with traditions and new things. Whether they are shy and quiet, outgoing and energetic, or simply enjoy hanging out with friends, campers will have the opportunity to try new things and broaden their horizons and break out of their shells. Offering sports, day trips, arts and crafts, and water activities, we will help your child create new hobbies and interests while feeling at home. We place a large emphasis on tradition, friendship, spirit, fun, and the learning of life values.

Summer is the best time of year, and what better way to spend it then going to summer camp! Camp is a time where kids can step out of their comfort zone, try new things, meet new people and make new friends! We encourage all of our campers to have the best possible experience at camp, and to make the most memorable memories possible! To learn more our overnight camp in the Berkshires, or to see what else about what Half Moon has to offer, visit us online!