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Tips to Organize a Retreat in the Berkshires

Are you interested in planning a retreat for the members of your group, staff or even your family? Retreats are a great way to work on specific goals, bond with each other, and have some fun! However, the planning that goes in to a retreat can be somewhat stressful and tiresome. Here at Camp Half Moon, we are a retreat facility in the Berkshires that makes this process easy. Keep on reading to learn some of our tips for organizing an upcoming retreat!

1.     Start Early- The key to organizing a successful retreat is to begin early and give yourself enough time. Begin by looking for places to hold your retreat and take tours. This will give you an opportunity to look at the different retreat facilities and to learn prices.

2.     Goals- What is the point or goal by having this retreat? Some goals might be to promote teamwork, create a sense of community, resolve a conflict, improve tasks, a chance to share ideas, reflect on the business or organization, etc.

3.     Start Planning- Decide who will be attending. Is it the entire staff or just a specific part? Pick the length and dates of your retreat. Is it one day, overnight, an entire weekend? Create a rough retreat schedule. Include possible icebreakers, breaks, free time, team building activities, etc., in to the schedule.

4.     Involve Others- Once you have the basis of your retreat planning done, ask others to get involved with the organizing. Assign them specific duties like retreat activities, scheduling, budgeting, etc. Depending on the size of your retreat, this will delegate how many people you need to help you.

Planning a retreat can be a time consuming and difficult process. While these are only a few tips, we hope that they help you to organize and plan your retreat!


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