Camp Half Moon in the Berkshire Mountains since 1922, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

The Truth Behind a Coed Summer Camp for Kids in Massachusetts

Have you ever noticed that there are some aspects of Coed Summer Camp in Massachusetts that an outsider just cannot understand? Sure, everyone gets that camp is a fun way to spend the summer instead of just sitting at home. However, to many the importance behind many of the features of camp is unclear.

The first is CAMP FRIENDS. To home kids, or even to parents who didn't attend camp themselves, the bond of camp friends seems just to be a summertime friendship that is missed throughout the year. More than just a seasonal friendship that rekindles each summer, the bond of camp friends is a strong, ongoing one. Living with the same group of friends for weeks during the summer creates a close bond between campers. The friends you make at camp begin to feel like family and staying in touch with them over the year is a MUST. “Camp Kids” have the best friends all year long.

The next part of camp that people fail to comprehend is the SENTIMENTALITY. Many Camp Half Moon campers are said to be sentimental about everythingThink about it, there are so many things that remind you of camp. Certain smells, songs, and jokes bring you right back to camp in an instant. Take a day when you are cold and throw on an old sweatshirt that your favorite counselor gave to you. It’s your favorite sweatshirt because it reminds you of the times you spent in camp wearing it, or of the counselor who gave it to you.

While there are many more misunderstood meanings behind camp characteristics, the final on our list is the EXCITEMENT. Counting down the days until camp hundreds of days prior? That seems crazy! Camp Half Moon has become a familiar place, a place to escape the outside world, and be a part of a fun and upbeat summer with the people that love you! What could be more exciting than that? We promise you that if you allow your child to experience what we have to offer, you will not regret your decision! They will absolutely love our camp atmosphere, staff and experience! 

If you ask us, Camp Half Moon Campers have it right. They may be more sentimental than other kids and closer to their friends and family than others! They can seem overly excited for the summer, but hey, what’s better than all of that? We can’t wait to see all of our campers back to have an amazing time with us this summer and all of our new campers who join our camp family as well. See you in a little over a month! Let the countdown continue, and come join the best coed summer camp that Massachusetts has to offer!