Camp Half Moon in the Berkshire Mountains since 1922, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Traditional Summer Camp near Connecticut

Sending children to summer camp is more than endless hours of fun. When you decide to send your son or daughter to a summer camp near Connecticut, like Camp Half Moon, you are setting them up for success and preparing them for the future. Children grow and learn every single day at summer camp and parents often notice this once children come home at the end of the summer. The benefits of summer camp are never-ending and here at Camp Half Moon we have come up with what we think are the most important.  

  • Sense of Community- At summer camp, there is a sense of community that is different than what children are used to from school. Here at summer camp, campers encourage one another and don’t judge each other. Our summer camp philosophy encourages children to make new friends and be themselves. And campers will do just that at Camp Half Moon! 
  • Meet New People- Like we said, children will make tons of new friends at summer camp. Campers from all different schools and towns attend Camp Half Moon and give children the opportunity to make memories with their new lifelong friends. 
  • Life Skills- Through a variety of summer camp activities, children will learn more about themselves, the world around them, and life skills. By trying new things like various team sports, drama, outdoor adventures, arts & crafts, and more, children will gain confidence in themselves and their abilities. And from the second that you drop your child off at Camp Half Moon, they learn to be independent and how to take care of themselves. With the help of our summer camp counselors, children will learn a variety of skills that will remain with them and help them once they leave at the end of the summer.
  • Time Outside- During the school year, it can be extremely hard to find time to sit outside and relax. Did you know that spending time outside could benefit you both mentally and physically in a ton of different ways? From reducing stress to boosting self-esteem, spending as little as five minutes outside can be a lifesaver. We strongly agree with this and try to spend as much time outside as we can at Camp Half Moon.

Remember, these are only some of the benefits that come along with summer camp! If you would like to sign your son or daughter up for the best summer camp near Connecticut, contact Camp Half Moon! Call us at (413)-528-0940 for more information or to schedule a tour today!