Camp Half Moon in the Berkshire Mountains since 1922, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

What Summer Camp Can Do For Your Child

Co-ed sleepaway camps are seen to be a great way to get children in the Berkshires of MA active during the summer months when the word “school” is non-existent in their vocabulary.  Camp Half Moon creates friendships that will last a lifetime, and give children memories that will never be forgotten.  Co-ed sleep away camps, believe it or not, offer academic benefits as well that will follow children into their adult years.

Most kids do not even realize it, but summer camp teaches leadership.  Many camps have group activities that require effort from everyone, not just a single person.  Sometimes, it takes just one person to bring a whole group of people to success.  Leadership is a quality that is lacking in many people today.  Colleges, today, want the student who gets involved in extra-curricular activities, and goes that extra mile with anything and everything.  Leadership is a life-skill that more and more careers are in search for, but less and less people demonstrate it.  Summer camp gives kids the chance to expand their horizons and test their abilities.  Unlike school, summer camp doesn’t grade you on effort, but rather encourages trial and error, and learning from your experience.  Leadership is one of those things that is hard to be, but with the right encouragement and enthusiasm, anyone can be a leader.

Sleep away Summer camp in the Berkshires also teaches kids how to be a team player and improve on social skills.  Like the old saying goes, “There is no ‘I’ in ‘Team’.”  Summer camp shows kids that great things can come out of teamwork and two (or more!) heads are much better than one.  Like leadership in many ways, being a team player is a thing that colleges and employers like to see.  Being able to adjust to working with others is a great quality that many people simply do not have.  Activities at summer camp allow kids to work together with others, and instill in them that it is important to learn how to work together with different kinds of people.  Being a team player, and knowing how to cooperate with all kinds of people, not just close friends, is an extremely important life skill that many kids learn only because they had the opportunity to attend summer camp.

Summer camp is also a great way to teach kids how to become independent.  Independence is a skill that will never get old or optional; there comes a point in kids’  lives when they have to make decisions on their own, without the guidance from parents or teachers.  Whether it be at college or the first day at a new job, independence is something that children must learn and apply in life every day.  With independence comes confidence.  Sometimes it takes a little encouragement for a child to finally be able to make a decision on his or her own.   Independence is a skill that is evolving as children get older.  Attending summer camp teaches kids that there are many components to independence, and that it really does connect to almost every aspect of a person’s life, and comes in handy even years after attending summer camp.

Leadership, social skills and independence are only a few things that the Berkshires' Camp Half Moon teaches its campers.  Along with the amazing memories and life-long friendships, Camp Half Moon educates kids; it is not only a fun way to spend the summer, but it is a learning experience that gives kids key skills that will lead them to success later in life.