Camp Half Moon in the Berkshire Mountains since 1922, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Massachusetts Summer Camp Prepares Kids For the Future

Often times, summer camp is seen as something that can be socially beneficial for a child. It offers a fun pastime over the hot summer months and gives them friendships they can keep for a long time to come. However, Camp Half Moon goes beyond the realm of childish gain. It can be academically beneficial as well, for colleges are interested in seeing kids with characteristics that can be earned in camp.

Recently, it has been found that colleges are looking for a child who is passionate about something and who shows leadership skills. Children can find these skills in activities done every day at Camp Half Moon! Whether playing their favorite sports or interacting with friends, campers will have the opportunity to let their passions shine through! Many overnight summer camps and teen programs fit well with his advice. They build children emotionally, intellectually and physically. They provide new experiences and exposure to international culture and global awareness. Camp Half Moon is one of these camps, taking ordinary summers and making them an extraordinary learning experience. Taking a child outside of his comfort zone often gives them great self esteem and sets them up to succeed on their own, an important feature for college searches.

Certainly there are many factors of the college experience that cannot be helped through camp such as academic workloads and time management. But being homesick and missing parents is a natural thing for a child who goes away from home for the first time, and this often occurs at college. Camp Half Moon kids are given the opportunity to practice coping at camp in a supportive environment. This will help kids to feel as though they have independence, confidence and social skills gained from their summers at camp. They know how to make decisions on their own, make friends and miss home and family in a healthy way.

Learning independence, passion, leadership, and confidence are all parts of the Camp Half Moon experience, and are undoubtedly important features of the college experience. Joining together the lessons learned in camp with the needs of college will in the long run be the most beneficial thing for a child who is going away to school. Think of camp not only as a fun summer pastime, but also as a learning experience and a key to success later in life.