Camp Half Moon in the Berkshire Mountains since 1922, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Massachusetts Summer Camp Stays Connected to Our Families with Our App

With over 73 million people in the United States using smart phones, why not stay connected to CHM all year round with the Camp Half Moon app? This technology can keep campers, counselors, and families in touch, even in those chilly early spring months when the countdown until the first day of camp is in full affect. Easy access to everything camp related can be found at the touch (or swipe) of your finger. Forgetting the view from the bunks? Just check out the photo gallery! Need to take a quick peek at the latest Facebook, YouTube, or blog posts? In a simple tap of your finger you can be there! This app was specifically created to keep everyone up to date on life back at CHM even when you're sitting at home.

Not only can this mobile app be used in the camp off-season, but during those hot summer months too! Parents can send or see photos and keep up with their campers schedule all without needing a computer. When other parents ask what your kid has been doing just pull up the Camp Half Moon app and they are sure to be impressed with all the fun activities displayed. Make sure to get everyone involved in this app by telling your friends and family to check up on you, or better yet, join the summer fun. So with all this talk about the great benefits from downloading our app, what are you doing right now? Get downloading!