Camp Half Moon in the Berkshire Mountains since 1922, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone At Sleepaway Camp This Summer near New Hampshire

One of the great things about going away for the summer is experiencing the new and unknown. By the time summer rolls around, many kids are in need of a change in scenery. Luckily, Camp Half Moon, located in near New Hampshire, has so much to offer your camper that he or she could not get at home. With a new environment and a number of activities, we are the leaders in providing a fun and innovative summer. Here are some things your child can enjoy here at Camp Half Moon.


·      A break from technology: In our modern world, technology is a part of everything we do. While away at Camp Half Moon, children can work on communication skills by using good old-fashioned letter writing and face-to-face conversation. By taking the robotics out of everyday life, campers will learn to appreciate all that mother nature has to offer.

·      New friends: Staying home in the same old environment can be very limiting. By keeping with the same few school friends, children do not have the opportunity to meet new people and experience fresh friendships. At Camp Half Moon, campers can branch out of their usual social groups.

·      Trying New Things: With so many programs here at Half Moon, campers will have the opportunity to try something that may be completely new for them. From sports to trips, Half Moon can help your child to foster new interests and pick up new hobbies.

·      Diversity: Because we are a boys and girls camp, there are many personalities that attend Camp Half Moon. From the shy and quiet ones, to the loud and outgoing, the athletic, and the artistic, your camper can get to know all different kinds of people. Regardless of your child’s personality type, they will fit in at Half Moon.

·      Discovering Traditions: Camp Half Moon has been around since the 1920s, making it a very long run program. Because of this, we are home to many traditions that have been part of the Half Moon camping experience since our opening. New campers can come join in our traditions and discover practices that they have not before seen at other camps. We are unique in how we run and what we offer, all thanks to our long running traditions.


Regardless of what you are looking for this summer, there is always something to be discovered at Camp Half Moon. We offer many new ways to break from the plain routine that many kids go through consistently over the year. With sports, new friends, and the great outdoors, your child can learn so much about him or herself this summer. Try something new, at Camp Half Moon!