Camp Half Moon in the Berkshire Mountains since 1922, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

The Importance of a Visit to Camp Half Moon in Massachusetts

Today, many students would not even consider committing to a college without visiting first. Getting to see the campus layout, the feel of the surroundings, and the types of students in attendance are all decision changing factors. Well, why not apply this logic to choosing a sleepaway camp in Massachusetts? At Camp Half Moon in Great Barrington, MA, we believe that touring can make or break your summer experience. Before selecting which camp you plan to attend, it is important to look out for the following things:

1.     Atmosphere - The feeling that you get when you walk on to a camp is very important. Can you picture yourself spending your summer here? Does the camp have an energy or immediate mood that you can sense while exploring the grounds? Often, you can pick up on this feeling very quickly. At Camp Half Moon we try to create an atmosphere of positivity and comfort, making camp feel like a second home for all campers. Trust your gut, but make sure to get the full feel of the camp before making any choices.

2.     Facilities - Facilities and activities are key features to look out for, and every person will have a different idea of what is necessary to them. You want to ensure that the camp you are going to attend has many activities you will enjoy, and that their buildings are modernized or well taken care of. Besides that, look out for your favorite sports courts or fields. Are they what you had imagined? What about the bunks and all their features? These questions are very significant in selecting which camp to attend, for they will guarantee that you have a fun and comfortable summer. Camp Half Moon has a huge range of activities, as well as clean and bright facilities that we take much pride in offering to all of our campers, even through their wide range of likes and dislikes.

3.     People - This means staff as well as campers. Visiting while camp is in session can give you an excellent idea of the way the kids interact with each other, and how friendly and accepting they seem. You want to make sure that these campers, who are potentially your new bunk mates, seem like people who are fun to be around and who you are looking forward to becoming friends with. Additionally, the staff can say a lot about the camp. Do they seem enthusiastic? What are their policies and rules, and how are they enforced? Camp Half Moon staff is welcoming and eager to take care of you as both a figure of authority and as a friend. We encourage positive interaction, both camper to camper and camper to staff, making the Half Moon group seem like one big family. Take the time to observe these things, as they will aid in your final choice.

Once you have taken all of this into consideration, you are ready to make your decision. The Massachusetts Summer Camp that seems to fit you the best in all these areas will be the one you are happiest to spend your summer at, regardless of what your friends or family have done in the past. Just like choosing a college, choosing a camp is an individualized experience that tours can be of huge assistance to. A tour can be the difference between the most amazing summer of your life, and a less than satisfying one. Of course, the goal is to have the best summer ever! So begin touring, and don’t forget to stop by a Camp Half Moon tour and visit our website to see more of what we have to offer!