Camp Half Moon in the Berkshire Mountains since 1922, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

A Plethora of Fun Massachusetts Summer Camp Activities at Camp Half Moon

Something all kids should do over the summer, whether in a camp or not, is STAY ACTIVE. At Camp Half Moon in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, we offer kids numerous sports and other physical activities to keep the high-energy little ones occupied throughout the camp day. Each week, the camper will choose from our large selection of activities. This allows campers to get involved in many different activities in athletics or the arts. They will also be given time to practice their chosen activity since we at Camp Half Moon emphasize instruction over intense competition.

Kids will be able to choose from sports games including baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis, and lacrosse. Arts activities include dance, martial arts, and ceramics. For those looking to be outdoorsy without the competition of sports, a camper can opt for other fun endeavors like skateboarding, canoeing, archery, and fishing. It may seem like too much but Camp Half Moon has the proper facilities and program organization to get campers involved in as many activities they desire!

If your child is looking to have incredible fun this summer, register to be a Half Moon Camper here! This is your kid's chance to continue competing and partaking in their favorite activities or even expand their interests to new endeavors!