Camp Half Moon in the Berkshire Mountains since 1922, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Summer Camps in New England for Teenagers

Among summer camps in New England for teenagers, Camp Half Moon stands out from the rest, and for good reason. Camp Half Moon is set apart from other summer camps in New England in part because their summer program emphasizes instruction and not just competition as with so many other summer camps. This works well for teenagers who are encouraged to recognize all improvements as a measurement of success. It's a prime time in their life to explore and develop skills through their choice of sports, arts, or other areas of personal enrichment. Teens can develop and build up their self confidence and self worth by all they can achieve at this summer camp.

Located in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts in New England, Camp Half Moon sleep away summer camp is a great camp for teens up to age 15.

To schedule a tour at Camp Half Moon if your live in or near Great Barrinton, MA contact us at (888) 528-0940 or (413) 528-0940.